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Hair Restoration Specialist

Greater Nebraska Dermatology Clinic

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Hair loss certainly doesn’t change the real value of who you are, but it can affect your self-confidence and sense well-being. Dr. Daniel Mosel, at Greater Nebraska Dermatology Clinic in North Platte, Nebraska, is a board-certified dermatologist and aesthetic skincare expert who has natural solutions to regrow your hair. He uses medically-sound treatments that work for men and women, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and topical treatments. Call the clinic today or schedule your appointment using his online service.

Hair Restoration Q & A

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What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy?

This all-natural therapy uses a concentrated dose of your body’s platelets to regrow hair. Platelets contain powerful substances such as collagen and other proteins that help to repair and replace damaged tissue throughout your body.

PRP is obtained by filling a small tube with your blood and running that through a special machine (centrifuge) to separate the red and white blood cells from the plasma and platelets. This process leaves behind a mixture known as platelet-rich plasma.  

Dr. Mosel then injects the PRP just under the skin of your scalp, where it stimulates the repair and regrowth of damaged and dormant hair follicles. There are minimal to no side effects. Topical anesthesia alleviates the only discomfort comes from the injection itself. Clinical evidence suggests a success rate as high as 80% with many patients reporting a doubling of their hair volume.

Who is a viable candidate for PRP hair loss treatment?

At Greater Nebraska Dermatology patients with areas of weak quality hair growth on the scalp, that still have functioning hair follicles, have benefited from PRP therapy. It's also been successful for those with small areas of alopecia areata, have benefited from this treatment. To determine whether you're a viable candidate for PRP hair loss treatment, book a consultation with Dr. Mosel.

Do medical treatments help regrow hair?

Clinical trials have shown that approximately 60% of women noticed new hair growth with minoxidil (the medication found in Rogaine). Even at a higher concentration (2% for women and 5% for men), minoxidil is not quite as effective for men.

Minoxidil treats high blood pressure, and it’s believed it also increases blood flow to your scalp, which may stimulate new hair growth. Other medical treatments that have been found to stimulate hair growth are topical rogaine and compounded finasteride. For men, oral finasteride has been proven effective to treat male pattern baldness, and is FDA approved. For the best results, Dr. Mosel may recommend you combine topical treatments with microneedling and/or PRP therapy.