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TruSculpt 3D Specialist

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You're watching what you eat. You're keeping active. But you're still unhappy with your body shape. You're not alone! That stubborn problem area on your waistline can be annoyingly resistant to diet and exercise. That’s where the truSculpt 3D procedure can help.

truSculpt 3D


WHAT IS truSculpt 3D?

truSculpt 3D is a safe and effective treatment for anyone who wants to take control of those problem areas around your midsection. Its radio frequency technology that can help you decrease circumference and diminish fat, and achieve results in just one treatment — without surgery or downtime.


  • Reshape Dimension
  • Improve Definition
  • Reduce Overall Depth


The truSculpt 3D body sculpting procedure is customized to your body. Your practitioner can quickly and easily target problem areas both large and small. The result is a uniform treatment designed to reveal your ideal figure.


  • Results can be seen after 1 treatment
  • Up to 24% fat thickness reduction*
  • Treat up to 4 problem areas in one 1-hour session
  • No post-treatment discomfort or downtime

Is there any downtime after the treatment or side effects?

There is no downtime or side effects after the treatment. You can return to all normal activities immediately. The treatment area may feel tender for a few days following the procedure.

When will I see results?

After the treatment, your body’s immune system will start to break down and flush out the fat cells resulting in a decrease of circumference. On average, people will see results around 6-8 weeks after the treatment, with continuing improvement for up to 3 months.