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Vein Treatment Specialist

Greater Nebraska Dermatology Clinic

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If you’re bothered by spider veins creeping across your face or varicose veins on your legs, make an appointment with Dr. Daniel Mosel is a board-certified dermatologist, board-certified in Mohs micrographic dermatologic surgery, and medical aesthetic specialist at Greater Nebraska Dermatology Clinic in North Platte, Nebraska. This skilled dermatologist and cosmetic skincare expert safely remove spider veins and varicose veins without surgery or painful injections. Instead, he prefers Cutera’s Excel V™ laser system to treat superficial and deep spider and varicose veins safely, painlessly, and effectively. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Mosel or try his convenient online scheduling service.

Vein Treatment Q & A

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins (telangiectasias) are tiny blood vessels very near the skin’s surface. These blood vessels may appear as a single red, blue, or purple line but very often occur in clusters numerous enough to become obvious and cosmetically bothersome. They typically occur on the face and legs.

A family history, excessive sun exposure, obesity and skin conditions such as rosacea are believed to increase your risk of developing spider veins. They can worsen with heat or cold, spicy foods, and even exposure to a strong wind.

What causes varicose veins?

Some of the causes of varicose veins include vascular insufficiency and poor circulation. These conditions can occur because of issues such as obesity or physical stress/strain from regularly standing for long periods. Hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, or menopause may also increase your risk of developing varicose veins. Family history also plays a role.

More women than men develop varicose veins and spider veins, and they often worsen with age, but both genders and even adolescents or young adults can develop telangiectasias and varicose veins.

How does Excel V work for these conditions?

Once a telangiectasia or varicose vein develops, the only permanent treatment is removal. Laser energy works from the skin surface down to essentially heat up the hemoglobin in these unwanted veins. This causes significant damage to the vein, which eventually dies and fades away. With many laser systems, however, getting the vein hot enough to die greatly increases your discomfort and the risk of burning or blistering your skin.

The Excel V laser system incorporates two very precise laser wavelengths (532/1064 nm) and an advanced cooling system in one device. This technology, along with his skill and expertise, allows Dr. Mosel to treat deep and superficial veins without increasing the risk of damaging your healthy tissue.

The Excel V system can also remove other vascular lesions such as port wine stains and venous lakes. While this system is never recommended for cancerous growths, it’s quite effective for removing benign pigmented skin lesions and other skin discoloration such as the redness associated with rosacea or acne and the brown spots commonly called age spots.