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Mole Removal


Mole removal can be accomplished by shave removal, punch removal, surgical excision. Removing a mole on the face for cosmetic purposes must be done carefully as the resulting scar will depend on the technique used, the type of mole (raised vs flat), the size of the mole, the exact location of the mole, and the skin color of the patient. For smaller and flatter moles, a punch excision is usually the best technique utilizing a small hole punch and 1-2 stitches, and will result in a small line scar. A shave removal may be considered in this case as shaving the mole flat will likely result in either a white/dark flat scar that may be unnoticeable over time. The main disadvantage of doing this is that there may be remaining mole cells in the flat portion of the scar that could result in repigmentation of the scar. Independent of technique is the possibility of undesired scarring due to the healing process, a variety of external factors, and skin color (darker skin color results in more noticeable scarring).


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